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Terms of use

This Agreement governs relations between the use of (hereinafter the “Site”), the Site Administration (hereinafter the “Administration”) and users (hereinafter the “User”).

The User accepting this Agreement:

- Confirms that they have read the terms of this Agreement.

- Ensures that their age is at least 18 years old.

- Bears personal responsibility for the content of information and materials published by them on the Site, and for the safety and confidentiality of the data necessary for its authentication on the Site.

- Undertakes to use the Site in accordance with the laws in force and applicable in this area.

- Undertakes to not pressurize or harass users of the Site and its Administration, and not to interfere with the normal functioning of the Site.

- Undertakes: not to publish insults, slander or obscene expressions; not to show other users pornographic or other immoral materials, including their genitals; not to publish materials demonstrating or promoting cruelty, terror or violence; not to publish materials offending human dignity; and not to publish any other materials that do not comply with the law.

- Undertakes to not insult, humiliate, harass or in any other way oppress other users of the Site for their gender, race, nationality or any other difference.

- Undertakes to not mislead other Users by providing knowingly false information about themself, or to pursue them, annoy them or continue to attempt contact with other Users when they have clearly signified their unwillingness to continue contact with the User. Also undertakes not to perform any activities that could be classified as pimping.

- Undertakes not to use the Site to distribute advertising materials or illegal propaganda materials.

- Undertakes not to force other Users to visit other sites or request communication via other dating sites, social networks and forums.

The Administration reserves the right to:

- Modify the Site at any point.

- Provide paid and free services to users (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

- Block users on the site because they have been discovered searching/offering intimate relationships/services or offering/seeking "sponsorship" without refund.

- Block access to the Site, in part or in full, to Users who violate this Agreement or other Site rules, as well as disrupting the Site’s activities.

The Administration is not responsible:

- For the content and accuracy of materials published by users.

- For harm, damage, loss of information or any other damages to any persons caused during their use of the Site, including mobile communications and other telecommunications.

- For violation by the User of copyrights and other rights of third parties by publishing materials that do not comply with applicable laws (including copyright) to the Site.